Vikings News Bulletin: Peterson to play and Floyd has surgery

Adrian Peterson will make his preseason debut on Sunday against the 49ers, Leslie Frazier announced on Sunday. It will be his first preseason action since 2011 after missing last year’s while rehabbing from his torn ACL.

adrian-petersonPeterson attempted to talk Frazier into getting him some action in the first two games, but wasn’t successful in persuading his coach.

“Yeah, I’ve been in Coach Frazier’s ear trying to get in the first two games as well,” Peterson said on Monday. “I’ve been here seven years. I know how it goes. I try not to harp on him too much because I know he’s got a lot going on and I know the decision that he makes, it’s going to be for the better of the team. I know that seven years in. I doesn’t stop me completely from going to him and saying, ‘Hey, coach, I want to get in. I want to get a couple snaps.’ So I think I convinced him this week.”

Peterson doesn’t know how many reps he will get in the game, but wants to play the entire first half, which is unlikely.

“I just want to get in and play a little bit and just knock the rust off a little bit,” Peterson said.

Peterson seeing action should help Christian Ponder and the rest of the offense, who have looked shaky in the first two games without their MVP.

Floyd has surgery

First-round selection Sharrif Floyd had a “minor procedure” in his left knee to help relieve pain after he injured in the first preseason game.

Leslie Fraizer said the procedure shouldn’t affect  Floyd making his NFL debut when the season opens, but will keep him out the remainder of the preseason.

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