Can The Phillies Just Sell Now?

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I was really hoping that my return to writing would be about something amazing happening to the Phillies.  Yeah, but these are the 2013 Phillies and amazing just doesn’t work for them.  This entire stretch since the All-Star game has been just downright embarrassing. The Phillies have been rumored to be sellers since the offseason, […]

Phillies Fans Take Booing To A Whole New Level

It is common knowledge among baseball fans that Phillies’ fans know how to boo and can be very, very loud about it.  But last night, Phillies fans took booing to a whole new level, and I have never been prouder to be a fan. I got home last night and turned the game on in […]

Domonate! Player of the Week X2 and Player of the Month.

All offseason, all Phillies fans were divided into one of three camps when it came to Domonic Brown: He’s a bust and the Phillies just need to get rid of him.  (This was a very loud group.) Well, maybe he can play, but I’m not too sure. He’s needs to be given a fair shot. […]

Spitballs Are Allowed?

Last night during the Phillies/Marlins game, Alex Sanabia did something that  is no-way, no-how acceptable. The Marlins were winning 1-0 in the second, when Domonic Brown decided to show his power.  Right after the pitch, the Phillies video feed showed, (and Crashburn Alley caught on a screengrab), Sanabia clearly spitting on a baseball.   I’m […]

Cliff Lee Was Not Impressed

Last night, the Cliff Lee pitched a gem of a game.  Basically, Cliff Lee was Cliff Lee.  He even showed the bat by hitting a double that was about 6 inches from going deep.  He thought he had it too and was quite upset that he only managed a double out of it. Pitching wise, […]

Why I Love Roy Halladay: Reason #23498263

Over the last few years, Roy Halladay has become one of my favorite players on the Phillies.  (Ok, so I’m not nearly in the same league as Zoo With Roy, but, well, he’s special.) Earlier this week, Doc announced that he was on his way to having surgery to get bone spurs out of his shoulder. […]

Protecting the Pitchers

Last night against the Tampa Bay Rays, former Phillie pitcher and current Toronto Blue Jay, J.A. Happ took a line drive to the head.  He was carted off the field and diagnosed with a concussion and laceration on his left ear.  He’s stable and in the hospital, but could be released later today.  Which is […]

Doc and Chooch: Together At Last

On Sunday, much to the excitement of Philadelphia, Carlos Ruiz was reinstated from the restricted list.  He was suspended for 25 games for taking an amphetamine.  (Adderall, seriously Chooch, ADDERALL!) I do not believe that anyone is more excited about Chooch’s suspension is up then Roy Halladay.  Not because he didn’t like Quintero (Kratz may be […]

Phillies SWEEP Mets. That Always Feels Good.

Sweeping a team is always nice, but sweeping the Mets always feels just a little bit better.  Especially when that sweep happens under the bright lights in New York City (though only one of the games was actually under the lights.) The Phillies sent Kyle Kendrick to the mound.  Now my distaste for Kendrick is […]

Pettibone’s Solid Debut, And Phillies Somehow Win

Last night, the Philadelphia Phillies defeated the Pittsburg Pirates in one of my most underserving wins of the year.  They scored 2 of their 3 runs with a lot of help from Pirates. Jonathan Pettibone, however, should be proud of how he pitched.  His major league debut really could not have gone much better.  Pettibone […]

Welcome to the Big Leagues, Jon Pettibone

In 2011, the Philadelphia Phillies assembled a rotation for the ages.  The Four Aces were spinning a historic season on the way to 102 wins.  While Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels were pitching their way into baseball lore and the record books, the rotation in High-A Clearwater was dubbed the “Baby […]

Phillies Win, Doc Looked Good

It seems that Roy Halladay is at the center of every conversation that involves the Philadelphia Phillies, and with good  reason.  No one is quite sure what to expect from him this year, and the future Hall-of-Famer showed just why he will be a first rounder. Doc will get credit for a complete game, though […]

Ben Revere With The Catch Of The Year

Hey!  That rhymed! Anyway, early in Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Reds, Ben Revere made what just might be the catch of the year.  I don’t care if this is just the second week of the season, this catch wins the award.  That’s just it.   It wins.  Even the people that run the […]

Philadelphia Phillies, “42″ and Jackie Robinson

Every year, on April 15th, every player in baseball wears the number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.  Robinson’s impact has reached far across the lines of baseball.  He broke the color barrier and opened up the doors for players, like Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, etc.  to push the limits of baseball far beyond what […]

Roy Halladay Wins #200

This season has not been kind to Roy Halladay.  Today, however, was a day to celebrate.  The future Hall of Famer added to his resume today with a beautiful victory in South Florida.  Today’s victory was #200 of his career.   For the first time, since Halladay’s first start of the season, Doc looked like […]