Verlander’s Ownership Of Orioles Continues; O’s Lose First Game Of 2011

I drew this back in December.

Verlander is 6-0 against the Orioles in his career. 6-0. Sometimes, the cards just don’t fall in your favor.

See, they really weren’t going well for the Orioles from the get-go – Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis had a communication issue that led to a dropped fly ball, which, of course, ended up putting two unearned runs on Bergesen’s tab. Bergesen didn’t even make it through the 4th tonight, only going 3 2/3 innings – the first shaky pitching performance of the season for the Orioles.

The final score ended up being 7-3. Basically, the story of this one is that Justin Verlander is a really, really good pitcher that makes any team going up against him look horrible. The Orioles are not a horrible team this season by any means, but they need to work on generating the offense when it counts, based on how this game looked, and that communication needs to be stepped up a notch if they want to keep the winning consistent. The defense was excellent the first four games, so I’m not entirely sure what happened there, but it wasn’t a good sign for the future.

On the flip side, Mark Reynolds is quite handy at third base. He just needs to stop striking out.

And hey, at least we weren’t no-hit.

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