Urban Meyer’s Prep For B1G Media Days

After the summer Urban Meyer has had with people basically blaming him for Aaron Hernandez killing people and turning in Florida for naughty recruiting things coupled with shots from the ever charismatic Will Muschamp at the encouragement of Douchey McDoucheface Mike Bianchi, he’s no doubt ready for B1G Media Days. All eyes will be on him when it is his turn to speak and I have no doubt that Meyer will handle it in a very Urban Meyer way.

How is Meyer prepping for such an event? I’d imagine it’s a lot like this:

With this:

(Seriously, play that vid, watch that gif, this is what’s going down at this moment and you know it.)

After the SEC Media Days and the many brouhahas, the B1G had better get their claws out and make this thing interesting.

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