Updating On The Avs In Action

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So “bad lead writer of the month” goes to me…sorry everyone for going silent during the last week! I just needed to really focus on school, so GH had to sit on the back burner for a few days.

Updates on the Players:

Paul Stastny is dominating for his team, EHC Redbull Munchen. He now has 14 points in 10 games (6g/8a), and the team has only lost one game with him in the lineup. (Will idiots stop trying to convince everyone that the Avs need to trade him now? Probably not until he scores 200 points in a season. It’s mind-boggling to me that fans constantly cry for the Avs to spend more money, and then bemoan Stastny his contract. He might not be Sidney Crosby, but he’s a damn good player.) Ryan O’Byrne, the only other Avs player who has seen game action this past week, now has six points in nine games. (He had only seven points in 74 games last season in the NHL.) He’s only taken five shots (I’ve never understood why he doesn’t take more shots; even if he doesn’t get them in himself, he has a hard shot, and it could be deflected in or bounce around and create opportunities for the forwards), but two of them have gone in. Hopefully this experience will help raise his confidence to make a few more offensive plays in the NHL. (And hopefully the Avs will re-sign him for 2013-2014. I think he’s showing us more than Zanon, and they’re the same mold. O’Byrne is a popular player in the lockerroom, and I think it’s wrong to let go of him for someone who is so similar on the ice, and screw up the team chemistry.)

Matt Duchene arrived in Ambri-Piotta, and is set to make his debut on the 18th. Hopefully he has as much (more?) success there than he did in Goteburg. Hopefully some kind Swiss fans put some video up of his play; I’m dying to see some of OUR players. Ryan O’Reilly also arrived at his destination, in Russia. He will probably play his first game on Wednesday. He finished his lockout coaching stint 13-0, and tweeted “Goodluck to the @RadarsHockey tonight with a big game against @KomokaClassics and new assistant coach Cal ORall. Thanks for a 13-0 record <3.”

Semyon Varlamov has been named to the All Star Game in the KHL. He’s on a pretty good team, considering Zdeno Chara, Alex Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk, and Ilya Kovalchuk will all be there. (The second defenseman is Alex Ryazantsev.) They will be facing Evgeni Malkin and his team (including NHL players Sergei Kostitsyn and Sergei Gonchar).

Now here’s a little video of Ryan O’Byrne that involves information on his charity camp:

And here’s Ryan O’Reilly, talking to fans of Metallurg instead of us because the NHL won’t let anybody have nice things and the PA are still “negotiating.” And he could be there until Greg Sherman can offer him a substantial deal.

…let the lockout end!

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