Upcoming Best Soccer matches To Bet On

January 23, 2020Football Standard

This is the year for betting fans thanks to the wide range of choice of soccer games. January 2020, itself, is packed with soccer activities with legendary players in every game doing their best to start the year on a high note.

You may be a passionate NBA betting fan or just want some quick money from soccer events. 2020 has loads of opportunities.

Arsenal vs Bournemouth

Arsenal Football club will battle it out with Bournemouth on 27th January 2020 in the 4th round. The match will start at 23:00. Arsenal has met with Bournemouth 8 times. Arsenal emerged the winner in 5 of the 8 matches while its opponent won in one of the matches. 2 matches concluded in a draw.

Their final derby in the English Premier League season took place on 2019 December. The derby ended in a draw of 1-1.

If we were to rely on the previous performance Arsenal is likely to win during the upcoming derby. Their probability of losing the match seems low or the derby may end in a draw like in previous competitions between the two. Nevertheless, it wouldn`t be a surprise if things change in the pitch. The tournament will disappoint some but it will be a celebration for the winners. To all betting fans, this is their season. The Championship will be one exciting exercise that you would not want to miss.

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Man Utd versus Wolves

The Superstar Manchester United will be competing with the Wolves on the 1st of February 2020 in the Premier League. That match starts at 20:30 at Old Trafford. In the recently completed match between Man United and the wolves that took place on 15th January 2020 during FA cup in the 3rd round, Man United managed to beat the wolves by 1-nil.

In all the other recently passed matches Man United won except in two matches. This includes the match between Man United and Man City in the semi-finals where they scored 1-3. The second match was between Man Utd and Arsenal and the latter scored 2-Nil.

In this upcoming match, Man United stands a chance and its fans are full of expectations. Ensure you are among the spectators who will tune in to capture the whole picture.

Obviously, betting fans will be searching for finest Man Utd versus Wolves betting previews and odds before February 1.


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