Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Except you know that Lester fellow? Yeah, he always beats us.

But we won the other two against a team that’s been surging lately and has my favorite all-time player currently in the lineup, so that’s a good sign, right?* It looks like we’re finally coming together, at least a little bit.

Tonight we sort of fell apart in the 8th, though. Like, we had a chance until the Sox put up three runs. Then it didn’t go so well.

We’re off to Chicago to face the other Sox (the bleached ones) next, so here’s hoping! They’re struggling as of late, but they did manage to beat the Yankees and we lost to them, so we’ll see.

This is a very choppy game recap. I’m tired, if you can’t tell.

*If you do not know by now how infatuated with Jed Lowrie Steph is, you’ve been hiding under a rock.

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