Twitter Tuesday – T.G.I.T.J.B.W. (Thank God It’s The Jaguars Bye Week)

I don’t know about the rest of you… But I am actually looking forward to a stress free Sunday filled with activities that make me happy instead of heartbroken & angry. After 8 long weeks of football I’m almost starting to wonder why this is my favorite time of the year. Between the my Alma Mater USF losing 3 straight Big East games, the Jaguars only accumlating 2 wins & my mediocre Fantasy Football teams I’m in dire need of a weekend with positive results.

With the Jaguars on a bye week the Twitter world has slowed down with Jaguars tweets. Which should be expected considering the more popular trending topics such as Tim Tebow or Kim Kardashian.

If I see one more hashtag that says #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage or another tweet defending Tim Tebow’s critisim I’m going to lose it.

Just because there are no pressing Jaguars news doesn’t mean the Jags Nation isn’t still present on Twitter. Here are the top tweets for this edition of Twitter Tuesday:

@21MPower tweeted his top coaches in the NFL hot seat… Shouldn’t Jack Del Rio be #1 every week?

No wonder the Jags have the 32nd ranked offense in the NFL – Tweet from @AdamBCC:

Looks like things aren’t going the way Jaguar fans had speculated. Even with a big win on MNF, the Jags Nation is still looking for a mid season coaching change. Doesn’t appear that will be happening during the bye week. Sorry @monoxidekyle & @JonLoesche!

11-11-11… Are you prepared for Gabbert day? I wasn’t even aware this was a holiday. Thanks for letting me know @MWReed19!

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