Twas the Night Before the Deadline: A White Sox Recap

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Brule Laker

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Brule Laker

The Sox started their series with the Indians tonight, and because I have time on my hands and am feeling extra creative tonight, I have decided to bring you tonight’s recap in verse. While the game didn’t turn out favorably (like the season so far), there has to be some joy. So have some poetry, Sox fans. It’s better than the same old boring recap!

A White Sox Recap and Trade Deadline Update
Twas the night before the deadline, and the front office is dealing.
But the bullpen imploded, leaving Sox fans reeling.
Andre Rienzo made his debut
And pitched seven full innings, but the ‘pen didn’t come through.

He gave up three runs, and all were unearned
Cuz another Sox error was a double play unturned.
The bullpen came on; Rienzo left with a lead.
But Veal and Lindstrom would not succeed.

Veal gave up two runs, putting the Sox down by one.
Lindstrom gave up two more, and the damage was done.
Three hitters did well, batting in runs:
One from Beckham, one from Phegley, and two from Adam Dunn.

Despite that good offense, the Sox lost the game.
Almost 20 games back; this team is a shame.
But the deadline’s tomorrow, and the Sox made a deal.
It’s entirely possible the Sox got a steal.

Peavy to Boston, and some Sox fans are mad,
But what we got in return isn’t too bad.
Three guys from the Red Sox to restock our farm,
And Avisail Garcia from the Tigers has a great arm.

The rebuilding process has started beginning,
And in a few years, we might be consistently winning.
Trust in Rick Hahn, as he knows what he’s doing.
This is all for that championship the Sox are pursuing.

Tomorrow the trading will be all said and done.
This season won’t get better; we won’t be number one.
But we’re building for the future with pitchers and hitters
So in the near future, we’ll have those World Series jitters.

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