Tuesday Morning Blitz: Young gets chance and Vick’s in it to win it

Vince Young stretches it out!

Vince Young stretches it out!

Happy Tuesday morning to you! Sit back and sip on your coffee … or juice or cola … and enjoy some of these NFL headlines I’ve got for you!

* So Vince Young is back! Well. Kinda anyway! Following a successful workout with the Green Bay Packers on Monday, Young signed a one-year contract with the team to become Aaron Rodgers back-up quarterback. This is a huge opportunity for Young. He provides a mobile option at backup QB for the Packers. Something they will need in an NFC that features Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton. After several years of intense drama for the 2006 Offensive Rookie of the Year, hopefully Young can settle down and take advantage of the situation.  For more on this story, check out this link!

* The Honey Badger is turning some heads at the Arizona Cardinals training camp! Tyrann Mathieu may be small but he proves to be an explosive asset for the Cards this fall. Per NFL.com, “Tyrann is getting his hands on a lot of balls. He’s so quick and explosive in and out of breaks and reading concepts and knowing coverages and weaknesses in where we’re trying to throw the ball.”

* In super-n0t-shocking-at-all not-one-little-bit news, Michael Vick is pulling away from Nick Foles for the lead in the starting quarterback battle with the Philadelphia Eagles. Surprised? Yeah, I’m sure Head Coach Chip Kelly isn’t either! He’s more on the Vick and Foles ‘battle’!

* So. O-M-G, you guys! Aaron Hernandez is like going CRAZY without the Internet in jail. Per The Big Lead, Hernandez misses Facebook and Twitter and being able to check the Facebook page a fan set up for him. Awww! Yeah, no InterWebs in the jail, Aaron! BUT! Hernandez is aware that his letters are getting to social media, because a sheriff has warned him that what he is writing is getting to TMZ. Oops, his bad!

* I can’t even with New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan. He is asking fans to “move forward” and give Mark Sanchez a break. And furthermore. Fan vitriol toward Sanchez? It’s not going to effect who he selects as starting quarterback. Sanchez is competing against Rookie QB Geno Smith. So there! Here’s the ESPN story. And here’s the butt fumble! What? Did you really think I wouldn’t include it!

Miranda Remaklus is lead writer for Aerys Offsides. She enjoys the Mark Sanchez butt fumble gif almost as much as the Ryan Braun falling gif. She can’t decide! Help her decide. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda

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