Tracey Mallet’s Renew You: Cardio Fusion Review

Tracey Mallett’s Renew You: Cardio Fusion is a workout you can do in your bare feet. Mallett fuses together yoga, ballet, jazz, renew youand toning moves to create a 55-minute workout. The workout can be done in its entirety, or it can be broken into smaller segments.

The workout includes a lengthy 10 minute yoga warm-up, a 15 minute cardio section, 25 minutes of toning, and a brief stretch. The cardio section could almost be called “extra-light.” The flowing sequence of moves will appeal to people who prefer dance moves over athletic drills.

The toning sections are a mix of yoga and Pilates-inspired moves. The sections incorporate light hand weights (3 pounds). Once again, the moves are flowing and many are nontraditional.

This workout won’t leave you drained or drenched in sweat, but it will get you moving even on days you can’t find the motivation to put on your shoes.

Here’s a clip from Renew You: Cardio Fusion:

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