Time Magazine jumps in on wanting to pay student-athletes, Manziel on cover

Lately, if you put any pressure on the NCAA, they have been folding like a bad hand of cards. Less than a month ago, Jay Bilas, who works for ESPN as a college basketball analyst,  spent an entire afternoon going after the NCAA on twitter. Bilas was spotlighting the NCAA’s website’s practice of typing a players name into the search engine and getting that student-athlete’s respective jersey as a result. Now,  if you were to go to that website, it looks a little something like this.

Shortly afterwards, the NCAA decided it was going to block a former Marine from playing for Middle Tennessee State because he had once played intramural ball with the USMC. In comes the power of social media, as thousands of people began to voice their opinion of how wrong this was. To no one’s immediate surprise, this was overturned and he was deemed eligible.

The topic of paying college athletes has been one that has always been discussed, but lately, it has been brought back to fever-pitch status with Johnny Manziel and the curious case of autograph signing. Many have jumped into the game of support for paying SA’s, but now it will be plastered all over the place. It has made the cover of Time Magazine, even taking over the headline of the impending war in Syria. Yeah.


So is this the final push the NCAA can hold out on when it comes to paying college athlete’s or will they find a way around this one too? The cover says, “What Putin Wants”, so if he wants to pay college athletes, by God, do it, NCAA. DO IT!

One thought on “Time Magazine jumps in on wanting to pay student-athletes, Manziel on cover

  1. Krista Jones says:

    I’m just wondering where Time was when other athletes actually got a real punishment.

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