Tillman, O’s Rained Out In The Bronx

It turns out this one won’t even be replayed tomorrow – we’ll have to wait until either July or September, whichever makes more sense at the time. Either way, this whole thing was rained out – there’s no baseball in New York tonight at all.

Chris Tillman (left) will be pitching tomorrow and Arrieta will be going on Thursday. No word on Bergesen yet, but I’d guess they’d have him throw a side session if he doesn’t get a start in between now and the next series.

At least I won’t have to try to cover a doubleheader in class tomorrow.

More to come when I know things, of course, and you can still expect a post from what I saw in Bowie in the coming days. I’ve got plenty of pictures and quite a bit to say about the boys in Double-A, so hang tight and I’ll get all of that to you as soon as I possibly can!

Oh, and @SimplyAJ10, I’m still expecting to see photos from that tarp slide you mentioned would be going down. If it did end up happening, you’ll have to show us all so we can be entertained on this rainy evening.

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