Tighten, Tone and Torch Review

Suzanne Bowen’s Tighten Tone & Torch is a deceptively difficult workout.

After a brief two-minute warm-up, Bowen leads three twenty-minute sessions, including TTT“Lower Body Lean,” “Upper Body Sleek,” and “Cardio Torch.” Finally, there is a twelve-minute stretch session. The barre-inspired exercises include moves from Pilates, yoga, and traditional sculpting moves. Most of the workout is done in bare feet.

“Lower Body Lean” and “Upper Body Sleek” push muscles to fatigue. Light hand weights are suggested. Emphasis on light. Two-to-five pounds is suggested. While doing these workouts, two pound weights will suddenly feel like twenty. Bowen’s goal is to have your muscles shaking. In my case, she certainly succeeded.

“Cardio Torch” includes polymetric moves. Big moves are done with controlled effort for a cardio workout. This is the only section performed with shoes. There is also a “bonus” core work tacked on the end. A mat is required for the floor work. Bowen suggests that this section can be done to “get a control, a hold over food.”

The workouts can be done individually or combined, but no matter what, Bowen always says to end the workout with the twelve-minute stretch. The stretch segment requires a mat and something for balance. This session will challenge flexibility but also release tension. (And, an editing error might give you a little giggle. Bowen is explaining the form of cobbler pose is like a butterfly ‘but’ is cut off on the first syllable. Tee-hee.)

Bowen is consistently encouraging and engaging. She suggests modifications and encourages proper form.

Despite the bare feet and light weights, this workout is a challenge.

Bowen has a YouTube channel with fitness tips and several full length workouts, like this stretch workout for kids:

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this DVD for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own, and no compensation was received. This post contains affiliate links.

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