This T-Shirt Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Not that I would necessarily call a cotton t-shirt a “nice thing”, but you get my point.

Over the past few weeks, some of my fellow Aerys writers have discovered shirts sold by retailers like NikeOld Navy, and Victoria’s Secret which feature the names of NCAA schools – but are somehow incorrect. Sadly, Gamecock Nation, we can now feel the same embarrassment, although this time it comes from within.

Yes, it’s true. While doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, I discovered that the official online store of the Gamecocks was selling, up until some time this afternoon, the shirt you see below. Just take a moment and look at it:

Yes, you’re reading that correctly. I don’t know what a “bragging rite” is, but I do know that Clemson did not score 14 points against us this year. The website now still has a small picture of the shirt, but it is listed as “no longer available”.

I just don’t know what to say. Do you not have any fact checkers or proofreaders? Did people actually not notice the not one, but two mistakes on this shirt before it was made public?

This, apparel makers, is a traveshamockery. I hope you all get coal in your stockings.

2 thoughts on “This T-Shirt Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Steph Diorio says:

    So wait, you folks have to perform rites and rituals just to be allowed to brag? That sounds a bit tedious…

  2. I’ve obviously been going about bragging all wrong.

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