They Said WHAT Bonus Edition – Team Twitters Discuss Realignment


In case you haven’t heard, the NHL officially approved realignment today. Although let’s be honest – as soon as the players put their okay on this it was basically done. Above is a pretty little chart that shows the new divisions courtesy of our fabulous Blackhawks writer Kat Velez. For those who still aren’t sure which team is now where, you can read all about it here.

I, for one, love the new division names. (I know, I know. They’re temporary. At least they aren’t calling Division C the Central Division anymore.)

Anyway, so what does this have to do with our weekly They Said What post? Because some official twitter accounts decided to voice their opinions and it was…well it was amazing if I’m being honest.

First up we have the Los Angeles Kings who have the best team twitter account out there. And I’m just talking about for NHL teams. I mean overall. The team they are apparently going to miss? Columbus.


That could have to do with a lot of things so I’m just going to leave as is. (I also think the “lumbus” hashtag is meant lovingly but I really don’t get that hashtag. Apparently that is not the case although I thought the Jackets fans use it. I still don’t get the hashtag.)

The Blue Jackets responded with a simple hand gesture. No not that one!


Now are they waiving goodbye as if they will miss them or in a “thank goodness we don’t have to see you that much” kind of way? Either way, I think it was a fitting response.

Next up we have the other team moving east, the Detroit Red Wings, telling the eastern conference…well that they’re moving east:


First to welcome them back were the New Jersey Devils with this tweet:


Sigh. Sorry, that still hurts. The Red Wings thanked them for the welcome.

Next to welcome them were the Montreal Canadiens with this simple tweet:


The Red Wings, wanting to make friends as quickly as possible, replied as follows:


I love it! We need to get all thirty teams on board for tweets like these from their official accounts. It isn’t disrespectful. It’s fun and the fans love it. You hear me other NHL teams? Fans love it.

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  1. Kat Velez says:

    The LAKings #lumbus hashtag comes from these tweets. They’ve since carried it over to their official app.

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