The Yankees Want You To Smell…Like The Yankees?

CC wishes his glove smelled like New York Yankee.

According to ESPN, the New York Yankees will be launching their new fragrances at a cocktail reception on February 21st.

Yes, fragrances. Perfume, cologne, eau de toilette, whatever your preferred term. You can now smell like a baseball team (except, not sweaty and gross).

The fragrances will be creatively named: New York Yankees (for the men), and New York Yankees For Her (for the ladies that have already downloaded Baseball Boyfriend to their phones).

No news yet on if the top notes will be woody or herbaceous, but I’m sure they’ll smell sporty. As a bonus, a single spritz will inflate your ego, and you’ll soon be asking your boss for a private helipad.

Disclaimer: I’m a devout Mets fan, and if my tone sounds harsh it’s only because I’m jealous that my cash-strapped team didn’t think of this money making scheme first.

One thought on “The Yankees Want You To Smell…Like The Yankees?

  1. Stacey Gotsulias says:

    Yes, your team is horrible at everything.

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