The Ultimate Jaguars Fan Christmas Wish List

With only 7 days left until Christmas it seems like the holiday season has just flown by. Are you a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping?

Well don’t worry, if you have a Jaguars fan on your list I’m going to make your life a little easier… Here is are the top Christmas present that every Jaguars fan would want.

* * *

One New Head Coach

After Wayne Weaver finally gave Jack Del Rio the boot, Jaguar fans are anxiously awaiting the announcement of who will take over as head coach. Will it be Mel Tucker? What about a retired NFL coach? Maybe a head coach from NCAA?

Only time will tell. Jags fans everywhere are crossing their fingers that this head coach will delivering them a winning season!

 * * *

A Healthy Maurice Jones-Drew

In week 15 the Jaguars were embarrassed on TNF versus the Falcons. During the game MJD dominated the field as usual, proving once again he is the key piece of the Jaguars offense. However, he injured his ankle in the second half.

The star running back missed practice on Saturday & it is still unclear whether or not he will take the field on Saturday versus the Titans. Since this season is clearly over for the Jaguars I wouldn’t be surprised if he sat out. No point in rushing back if it could hurt him in the long run.

 * * *

The 2010 Version of Marcedes Lewis

After a great 2010 season, Marcedes Lewis has been less than impressive on the field this season. He has managed to show us glimpses of why he received a large contract in the off season. However he has failed to be consistent throughout the season and continues to disappoint when the Jags need him most.

  * * *

A Shorten Injured Reserve List

It seems like the Jaguars couldn’t keep a healthy body on the roster this season. Jacksonville has received the honor of having the most players on injured reserve this season. It tops the chart with 27 players. Here is a brief list of the players that could’ve had a positive impact on the team this season, if they had only stayed healthy.

RB Rashad Jennings, CB David Jones, DE Aaron Morgan, RB Richard Murphy, DT D’Anthony Smith, WR Mike Sims-Walker, TE Martin Rucker, CB Rashean Mathis, G Eben Britton, LB Kyle Bosworth, LB Clint Session, CB Derek Cox, S Courtney Greene, CB Will Middleton, DE Aaron Kampman.

  * * *

Additional Season Ticket Holders

Jaguar fans want their team to stay in Jacksonville. Well we all know what that means… MORE SEASON TICKET HOLDERS. Want less games blacked out due to low ticket sales? What the national media to stop picking on the Jacksonville fan base? If so, looks like you should add Jaguar season tickets to your Christmas wish list.

 * * *

A Top 2012 Draft Pick

With a rough 2011 season, the Jaguars have a better chance at a top 2012 draft pick. It’s debatable among Jacksonville fans whether or not the Jaguars wasted their first round draft pick on Blaine Gabbert. If you surveyed fans you’d get a wide range of players they wish Jacksonville would draft. From a new QB to a top WR, the wish list keeps growing for Jaguar fans.

  * * *

The 2013 Version of Blaine Gabbert

It’s been clear all season that rookie QB Blaine Gabbert was not ready for the starting QB role in Jacksonville. However, a series of events led to that happening & we had to deal with what we had. With a full season under Blaine’s belt many speculate that 2012 won’t be so bad.

Personally, I think next year could be just as touch & go. Until Gabbert has solid offensive targets to work with his performance won’t change so drastically. Not to mention that Gabbert just doesn’t want to get hit! Until he mans up, it will be tough to say whether or not he will ever develop into the QB we had all hoped. I think he needs at least another season before we see anything spectacular out of him.

  * * *

One Awesome Mustache

After the announcement that Wayne Weaver planned to sell the team to Shahid Khan, the Jaguars nation has been buzzing with pictures of the “khan stache”. The “Khan Stache” even made national headlines during the Jaguars MNF game versus the San Diego Chargers. Fans could be seen sporting their “khan staches” throughout EverBank. You can’t go wrong with an awesome mustache to match Jacksonville’s new owner for your loved ones. Trust me.

  * * *

Positive National Media Attention

As a Jaguar fan, I’m constantly having to defend the franchise. If it’s not about the terrible season they are having, the relocation to LA or how they should’ve drafted Tebow.

I turn on ESPN & the only time the Jaguars are mentioned is when speaking of their low attendance at home games or Maurice Jones Drew. Maybe there’s a clip of the Jaguars on SportsCenter … But it’s always a highlight of the opposing team. For just one week I’d love to see the media say nothing but positives about the Jacksonville Jaguars. For some reason I just don’t see that happening.

  * * *

A Safe & Relaxing Holiday

I know it’s been a rough season, but we have all hung in there. We only have two weeks left in the regular season & with no chance of the Jaguars making the playoffs, it seems our 2011 season has come to an end. I hope that everyone has a great holiday season, filled with love, relaxation & memories!

 * * *


Happy Holidays From Roaring Black & Teal!

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