The Ugly That Was Week 2

Yes, I’m still trying to find some good from NFL Week 2 action.

Y’all? It isn’t happening!

Jim Harbaugh knows how I’m feeling… see?!

Here are a few things I wanted to discuss with you all after this week’s slate of games.

* RG3 is still incredibly uncomfortable. And I get it. ACL injuries are rough and hard to come back from fully. Even if you are a super hero! We have to remember this injury happened less than a year ago. Hell, Derek Rose hasn’t set foot on the floor in over a year since his ACL injury with the Chicago Bulls. And Derek doesn’t have 300 pound linemen going after him. RG3 should either relax and let his comfort level just return on its own. OR… he needs to take his offensive line out for a really nice dinner and ask them nicely to please have his back on the field. Either way, the fan base and media need to remain patient for him to return to the form we are accustomed to seeing! No … really!

* Denver is pretty good and can only get better. I’m looking  at all of you who thought Peyton Manning couldn’t come back from four neck surgeries and rumors of a dead arm. … Yeah, I’m looking at myself too! He’s an incredible athlete. And I don’t know if you’ve heard, but he’s the first NFL quarterback to throw nine touchdown passes in his first two games of the season. And then he has targets like Knowshon Moreno. And Julius Thomas. And Wes Welker. And Demaryius Thomas. Oh and guess who should be returning for the Broncos … Champ Bailey and Joel Dressen. So. I think Denver could be pretty good for a while. And that might be an understatement too!


* Manning Bowl 3 sucked because of the Giants. It’s not good when one side is so awful. I mean really. Awful. The offensive line is non existent. They have zero running game. Due to zero running game, Victor Cruz – the guy who actually scores – gets tripled teamed. It’s sad that they just need a few obvious things to improve themselves but it’s almost like they don’t realize it. Here’s hoping someone wakes up and makes the needed changes for this team. I’m tired of seeing upset Eli!

* The Niners Hawks game was supposed to be the game this week, right? The Seahawks are really good. But I certainly thought the Niners were better. And maybe it was that 12th man factor. CenturyLink Field is pretty loud from what I heard on the NBC broadcast Sunday. Actually heard and from what Cris Collinsworth said. Speaking of Collinsworth… it could have very well been another factor. It was Pete Carroll’s birthday.

So what did you guy’s think of this week’s action? Let me know! Comment! Or talk to me on Twitter, @missmiranda

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