Buckeyes: Meet the dream ’14


Happy signing day, Buckeye Nation! Today, Urban Meyer and his staff officially landed what may very well be the best recruiting class in Ohio State history. Considering OSU has had some pretty solid recruiting classes, that’s a big deal. Considering they have to compete with lax over-signing policies of certain other conferences and institutions, it’s […]

Buckeye football: What now?


The game was there for the taking for Ohio State. They were leading by two scores, momentum had swung heavily to The Buckeyes, and things seemed to be going well. Then, the 180 occurred and Ohio State dropped their second consecutive game via a 40-35 Orange Bowl loss to Clemson. A combination of things led […]

Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Clemson


Location: Clemson, SC Driving Distance from OSU Campus: 552 mi – 8 hours 23 mins per Google Maps Founded: 1889 – Clemson was an all-white male military school until 1955, when they became a co-educational institution. They admitted their first African American student, future Charlotte, NC mayor Harvey Gantt, in 1963. Number of students: 16,931 […]

Longest December ever


It seems like the B1G championship game was approximately 3 months ago. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe everyone else feels as if it was only yesterday that The Buckeyes, with a National Championship Game berth on the line, proved that defense wins championships. I mean, it seems like other time is going by quickly. I […]

Of Buckeye football and unexplained negative Karma points


I’m not sure who I’ve angered, but I’ve clearly picked up some serious negative Karma at some point. I apologize to them. I am a horrible person and I am begging for your forgiveness. Your vengeance has shown me the error of my ways. There were signs all over the weekend that should have told […]

Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Sparty


Location: East Lansing, MI Driving Distance from OSU Campus: 246 mi – 4 hours, 14 mins per Google Maps Founded: 1855 – Michigan State was the first land-grant university and was created under land grants from the State of Michigan. MSU served as the model institution for future land-grant institutions that were spawned under the […]

Buckeyes: Don’t fret – win and you’re in


If you are a Buckeye fan, don’t flip to ESPN at any point this week. OK, there are two notable exceptions to this rule. You can totally turn on the Louisville/Cincy game on Thursday or the MAC championship on Friday. In fact, I beg of you to not miss the MAC Championship as missing even […]

Buckeyes: Know your enemy – That Team Up North


Location: Ann Arbor, MI Driving Distance from OSU Campus: 184 mi – 3 hours 17 mins per Google Maps Founded: 1817 – The university was founded in 1817 in Detroit as the Catholepistemiad, or University of Michigania, and moved to Ann Arbor in 1837. Number of students: 27,407 Undergrad 15,309 Post-grad (Per Wikipedia) Nickname: Wolverines. […]

Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Indiana


Location: Bloomington, IN Driving Distance from OSU Campus: 228 mi – 3 hours 55 mins per Google Maps Founded: 1820 – It was founded as the State Seminary and was originally located at what is now referred to as “Seminary Square Park”. Number of students: 32,543 Undergrad 9,509 Post-grad (Per Wikipedia) Nickname: Hoosiers Fun fact […]

Illibuck, rivalry uniforms, and Candy Crush Saga


I’m not going to talk a lot about that Illinois game. I’m not going to talk about it because Ohio State blew out the Illini 60-35, yet people are treating it like the worst loss in OSU history. First of all, Wisconsin, who has turned into a media “this is really the best team in […]

Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Illinois


Location: Urbana and Champaign,  IL Driving Distance from OSU Campus: 303 mi -  5 hours, 5 mins per Google Maps Founded: 1867 – The school was originally named Illinois Industrial University. The name was changed to the University of Illinois in 1885. Number of students: 31,173 Undergrad 10,322 Post-grad (Per Wikipedia) Nickname: Illini. They used […]

Bye Week Breakdown


A lot of stuff happened while The Buckeyes hung out at home this weekend. * Oregon lost to Stanford, maintaining the tradition of losing to a team with a solid run game and solid D that has existed since the days of Joey Harrington. * Bama, FSU and Baylor remained unbeaten. * TTUN managed to […]

Schedule strength?

BCS National Championship Trophy

There is a lot of talk around strength of schedule when referring to Alabama, Oregon, FSU and Ohio State. Basically, a bunch of people vote on teams and we use what those people say to influence computers and who plays in the BCS championship game as a result of said computers. Seems legit. Right now, […]

Buckeyes: Know your enemy – Purdue


Location: West Lafayette, IN Driving Distance from OSU Campus: 240 mi – 4 hours, 3 mins per Google Maps Founded: 1869 – The University is named after John Purdue, obviously, as Purdue isn’t a state. Number of students: 30,836 Undergrad 7,980 Post-grad (Per Wikipedia) Nickname: Boilermakers – Their mascot is Purdue Pete. Fun fact about […]

Running up the score: Who cares?

Sad about your score? Go play intramurals, brother!

“Because I couldn’t go for three!” ~ Woody Hayes The above quote was in reference to a failed Ohio State two-point conversion at the expense of the Wolverines en route to a 50-14 beatdown in 1968. Later, Buckeye players revealed that there was actually some confusion and they botched the kick and Woody was covering […]