The Pinkel Show

Hey, we can hang out and talk about SEC football...maybe... (Screenshot via YouTube)

Hey, we can hang out and talk about SEC football…maybe… (Screenshot via YouTube)

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel has had his YouTube page up and running for a month. He has been using YouTube quite a bit over the last couple of weeks.

In fact, he used YouTube Thursday night to announce that Missouri will start James Franklin as quarterback for the season.

Granted, most of the videos are “rookie spotlights” of sort, showing players who could be stars for Missouri this season.

That said, Pinkel should feel free to use his YouTube channel for other programs. In fact, he should start his own YouTube shows!

Consider the following some pitches, Mr. Pinkel:

1. Cooking With Gary- What better way to show off your culinary skills to the Southeastern Conference than by hosting your own cooking show. Give all those other schools a look at what…food…Missouri has to offer.

2. Noodling With Mr. Pinkel- Who cares whether it is legal or not, noodling is just the thing to show that Missouri can hang with the big boys in the SEC. Just think of how Mark Stoops would probably react!

3. Water Fun With Gary Pinkel- Join Gary as he enjoys jet skiing at Lake of the Ozarks. Maybe you can combine this with the noodling thing.

4. Jet Ski and Noodling With Gary Pinkel- Don’t lie, you would watch!

5. The Gary Pinkel Variety Hour- With special guest Tim Conway.

6. Awkward video footage of Gary’s Tarantula- The video is shot sideways.

7. Gary versus Gary- Gary has to stop his clone from hiring Derek Dooley to the Missouri staff (among other things)

8. Return to the Big 12- Gary shows up at Dan Beebe’s doorstep every night with a bouquet of flowers. Of course the plot twist is Beebe lives elsewhere…and the whole not Big 12 commissioner thing, but shhh! Nobody tell Gary!

9. Wildlife Pinkel- Join Gary as he wanders through the wilderness and runs for his life trying to avoid a clutter of bobcats.

10. Buzzfeed Gary- Gary browses Buzzfeed, trying to figure out how he can save the GIFs to his desktop.

Look, you don’t need to do all of these shows. Maybe you just do the variety hour with Tim Conway.

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