The many frustrations of Paul Pasqualoni

Paul Pasqualoni's version of the People's Eyebrow (Via ESPN3/ESPN)

Paul Pasqualoni’s version of the People’s Eyebrow (Via ESPN3/ESPN)

It’s definitely a night the UConn Huskies would like to forget. Connecticut lost to Towson Thursday night 33-18.

For Paul Pasqualoni, his name and the coaching hot seat have become synonymous at this point.

The loss to Towson likely won’t do much to keep him in his position at UConn. That said, to ensure nobody forgets about him, just in case he does get fired after the season, it makes perfect sense to show some of the photos of Mr. Pasqualoni throughout the evening.


(All screenshots via ESPN3/ESPN)

This was when things were still kind of going okay for UConn.



This picture above took place when UConn was trailing at halftime.

Pasqualoni 5

Hasn’t been a fun night.

Pasqualoni 7

Still doesn’t look all that happy…

Pasqualoni 9

And that was the final touchdown.

If there is good news in all of this for UConn, they don’t play another game until Sept. 14. Sure enough, it will be against Randy Edsall and his Maryland team.

Now UConn fans are disappointed that they’ve lost. One petition has already been set up, asking for Mr. Pasqualoni to be fired.. To my knowledge, I don’t think the White House website has any petitions yet, but that could change.

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