The Loser Rankings: Staying the Same at the Top

Another week and more rankings! So here we go!

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8 record)- It really is easy to put the Jaguars at the top of the Loser Rankings. They lost once again and it was to the Indianapolis Colts last Thursday. I’m not really sure when they’ll get that next win. They have Houston this week and Tennessee after that. Maybe they can win against Buffalo. I really don’t know.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (1-8 record)- Let’s be honest, they could easily be No. 1 on this list. However, they’re not so they get to be second. I’m sure they won’t lose much sleep over that issue. Monday night they played well enough to almost beat the Pittsburgh Steelers at Ketchup Bottle Field. A Matt Cassel interception in overtime pretty much killed those hopes for the Chiefs. But hey, they did lead in a game this season. NOTE: The Chiefs trailed in the Saints game, but tied it and won in OT.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (3-6 record)- The Eagles have lost five straight. They head to Washington this week and they’ll need a win to not only save their season, but possibly keep Andy Reid employed for a little while longer. Philly is coming off a close loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday. A concussion knocked Michael Vick out of the game Sunday, so there is a possibility that the Eagles go with Nick Foles as starter this week. This much is known, the loser of this game has a very good chance of being in the Loser Rankings for next week.

4. Carolina Panthers (2-7 record)- And the Panthers are back in the Loser Rankings this week after getting the win a week before. The Panthers are coming off a rough loss to the Denver Broncos at home. If that’s not enough, the Panthers fired special teams coordinator Brian Murphy on Monday. Carolina needs to get it together this Sunday against Tampa Bay, otherwise there might be some more cleaning of the house.

5. New York Jets (3-6 record)- Now I could just as easily have picked Buffalo to occupy the fifth spot of the list. However, the Bills have been in closer games as of late than the Jets, plus I’m evil. The Jets had a really bad loss Sunday to the Seahawks. It was probably a sleepless night for Rex and the Jets after that Seattle loss. Of course, there’s the whole quarterback controversy thing, if you define it as such. If you want my opinion on the quarterback situation between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, I suggest you wait for my book to be released…in the year 2134.

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