The Loser Rankings: Revamping the List

Another week, another Loser Rankings! And we have some good news for Cleveland and Jacksonville fans! They have nothing to worry about this week as their teams are not on the list of rankings. Enjoy the week off and keep up the good work of…well…trying to win games.

1. Kansas City Chiefs (1-10 record)- The Chiefs are the only team in the NFL with double-digit losses for the season. As a matter of fact, they’re the only team in the NFL that has just one win. Heck, even Jacksonville has two wins…now…but still! The remaining five games on their schedule are: Carolina, at Cleveland, at Oakland, Indianapolis and at Denver. They probably have a chance to win in two of those games. There’s a very real possibility that Kansas City finishes the season 1-15.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (3-8 record)- You know how long it has been since we’ve had a NFC team in the top two on this list? We haven’t had one since the Halloween edition. Sure enough, the Eagles find themselves on the list, climbing ever so higher. Granted, the team is decimated by injuries. But hey, they did lose to Carolina on Monday night. They need to win out if they even want to say they had a shot to make the playoffs. If they lose to Dallas Sunday night, it will be the first time the Eagles finish with a sub-.500 record since 2005.

3. Arizona Cardinals (4-7 record)- Remember all the fun talk about the Cardinals hot start in the NFC West? Well, that pretty much disappeared! The Niners are running away with this division. And with the success the Rams and Seahawks have had this season, the Cardinals are in danger of being the basement dwellers of the NFC West. The Cardinals need to get it together against the struggling Jets this week.

4. Oakland Raiders (3-8 record)- Yes, the Raiders are on the list. And you know why, it’s because they’ve lost four straight. All four of those losses were by 10 points or more. The Raiders should be higher, but with the fantastic losing effort from Philly and Arizona, the Raiders have a cozy spot at No. 4 this week. But hey, they do get Cleveland this week. Maybe things will go great and the Raiders can not be on the list next week.

5. San Diego Chargers (4-7 record)- I’m sure this irks some Raiders fans, but hey the Chargers stink! They’re horrible! HORRIBLE! And instead of ranting, I’m just leaving you with the video above of the armless people explaining the whole concept of the being known as Norval Eugene Turner.

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