The Last Eve for a Long Time

Yippee!!!! It’s Opening Day. For some fans, today is like New Years, Christmas, Easter, Hannukah, and Halloween all rolled into one big happy day of excitement.  For others of us, today is the eve before Opening Day in MLB. As with each season, I am hopeful that my team will be the last team standing and the City of Chicago gets to plan a parade. Last season, aside from watching the games to see what was happening and keep entertained, I had a list of things I wanted to keep track of during the season. This was more to amuse myself, especially during those really awful and dark days last season (and hopefully for the love of all things sacred, good and holy we don’t experience that this season). In that spirit, for today, I am going to throw out some things to keep track of during the season.

  • Number of times TCQ has a smile on his face. I kept track of this last season and I don’t think it got above five total for the season. With his new attitude, I am hoping this season we can see more of them. Of course, if for some reason he gets into a slump, this one may be difficult to see and even more precious when it happens.
  • Number of times Juan Pierre slides head first into first base. I think it would be fun to keep track of this because during SoxFest this year, his response to a question about whether it is a good idea to do it was “don’t do it.” There is a situation where it is totally appropriate to slide head first into first base, but generally JP’s right that it is a bad idea and you just shouldn’t do it.
  • Total number of triples and stolen bases by The King (Kong). Paulie usually has one stolen base attempt per year and sometimes, it even turns out to be successful. Sure, we all know he is slower than, well, there really isn’t anything to compare his slowness to. However, during the spring, he had a standing stolen base AND a standing triple.
  • Number of games that Big Donkey doesn’t have a strikeout. We all know that he is prone to the strikeout and hopefully this won’t irritate you too much given what you get on the other side of the strikeouts. Given his rate and potential to break the single season record for a Sox player, I want to know how many games he has without making an out via a strikeout.
  • Number of times that guy in Minnesota with a potential dandruff problem ends up looking silly against Chris Sale. Given how my “favorite” Twin was praising Sale’s stuff to Jake Peavy, this might be fun to watch. Especially since Chris is maturing in the majors and hopefully will get to see that guy in key situations only to make him look infantile.

What else would be interesting to keep track of this season out of the players? Leave your ideas in comments and I’ll try to keep track through out the season.

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