The Game Is Afoot: Dontrelle Willis Mysteriously Leaves Orioles

I have no idea what's going on, but these two might be able to help.

Yeah, I don’t know, either. Here’s the basics:

  • Willis left Norfolk without the organization’s permission.
  • This was after Willis was placed on the Orioles’ restricted list for unknown reasons.
  • Dan Duquette hasn’t spoken to Willis since he left Norfolk.
  • The pitcher’s agent, Matt Sosnick, is calling the affair “a difference in opinion” between Willis and the Orioles.

The only other information we know, according to Britt Ghiroli’s article, is the following:

Signed to a Minor League deal by Baltimore after being released this spring by the Phillies, the plan from the get-go was to have Willis learn to become a lefty specialist. He suffered a left forearm strain April 12 and was placed on the restricted list — with no specific reasoning for the move — on Sunday night.

So now we’ve got a mystery on our hands. Mysteries need solving, so I guess it’s time to put on our deerstalker caps and use our consulting detective skills. Let’s come up with some theories, shall we?

There are some serious theories, such as things going on in Willis’s family. He could have an ill family member and hasn’t had the time to talk to Duquette since leaving the team. However, with his agent using the term ‘difference of opinion,’ this is unlikely, so I don’t think we have to worry too much about him on that front. Since that’s covered, that means we can be a little more silly.

Here are some cooler ideas.

  • Dontrelle Willis is actually a spy and had to leave because he’s on a mission right now.
  • Dontrelle Willis is a weapon produced by the government. The government recalled him due to the threat from North Korea.
  • Dontrelle Willis is a Time Lord.
  • Dontrelle Willis and Dan Duquette’s “difference of opinion” goes back thousands of years. They’ve been reincarnated over and over again and are locked in immortal combat.
  • Dontrelle Willis is from a different dimension and had to return home to achieve his destiny as the prince of a land in turmoil.

I should probably stop now before this gets too far-fetched, but you get the idea.

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