The game goes on

Rays and PiratesFirst the Tampa Bay Rays fell to Boston.  Then, Pittsburgh dropped their five-game divisional series to St. Louis.  As a result, my postseason wish is done and over with.  Or so it might seem.

I would love to see Detroit take their series with Oakland, due to the fact that I had the good fortune to coach Prince Fielder for three years in high school.  So, as I write this, I’m hoping to see the Tigers move on to face the Red Sox.

To be perfectly honest, I hope the League Championship Series goes seven games, in both the American and National League.  And then, I’m wishing to see the World Series go the limit.

In other words, I don’t want the season to end.  Knowing that it must, I’m hoping to see it last as long as possible.  Yes, I’m a Rays’ fan.  But on top of that, I’m a baseball fan.  The game never gets old to me.

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