The European 2020 Championships is well underway and has not disappointed at all!

June 24, 2021Football Standard

The European 2020 Championships has lived up to his expectations, football fans around the world were eager to watch this tournament unfold. Because the championship was postponed last summer due to the COVID global pandemic, many squads competing in the tournament were able to rekindle and improve their playstyle, tactics etc.

The group stages are now at a close, all the matches and points have been finalised and the championship is now on the next step which is the knockout stage.

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Which teams have qualified for the Euro 2020 Knockouts?


With their impressive 3-0 win over Switzerland, Italy was the first team to qualify for the European 2020 championship knockout stage. The Italians are in perfect form under Roberto Mancini, the side have gone 30 games without a defeat and after their recent 1-0 win in the EURO’s 2020 against Wales takes the team to 11 games without conceding a goal.

Despite losing to Italy in their final group game, Wales finished second in Group A, while Switzerland advanced as one of the best third-placed teams.

Belgium’s placed first in Group B with their 2-0 win over Finland, Denmark finished in second place with an emotional 4-1 victory against Russia on the last day of the Group B games.

The Netherlands became the second team to win their group, advancing to the knockout stage with a 2-0 victory over Austria. After defeating Ukraine 1-0, Austria also advanced to the knockout stages, with the Ukrainians joining as one of the top third-place teams in Group C.

The knockout phase fixtures look very exciting and full of entertainment and drama, which team will come out on top? 24th June[1]-page-001

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