The debate that refuses to die: Brady vs. Manning

Peter King ignited a small firestorm with his sarcasm-laced Tweets.

Peter King ignited a small firestorm with his sarcasm-laced Tweets.

I love you, Peter King. But you done pissed some people off.

Mr. King Tweeted the above Tweets a short time ago and his loyal following of NFL junkies (guilty!) were a tad turned off by his snark.

The “walk-in Hall of Famer” versus “the guy” when discussing Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady? Check your facts, King. If you do perhaps you’ll notice “the guy” has some pretty impressive accomplishments to his name. “The guy” is a 3-time Super Bowl champion, 2-time Super Bowl MVP and 2-time NFL MVP.

He’s not exactly NOT a “walk-in Hall of Famer” if you know what I’m saying.

That’s not even the issue though. The issue is King’s total dismissal of Brady in the Brady-vs-Manning debate.

Is Peyton Manning have an incredible season? Absolutely. Is his team 4-0? Without a doubt. Do they deserve to be? Of course. The Denver Broncos are playing some incredible football right now, and Manning deserves a ton of the credit.

HOWEVER. Who is Manning throwing the ball to? Perennial Pro Bowlers? Recent league leaders in catches? Guys with Super Bowl appearances under their belts? Guys with full seasons under their belts even?

Yeah. Manning being Manning, if he wasn’t blowing teams away with that roster it would be something of a disappointment. But he is. So it’s not.

Moving on to Mr. Brady. He’s got some cool kids named Dobson and Thompkins as his starting wide-outs these days. Never heard of them? That’s because they’re rookies, who should be riding the bench right now but what with Brady’s main targets injured, rehabbing or locked up, he’s doing the best he can. And the “best he can” is a 4-0 start (2-0 in the AFC East) and a pretty decent showing in each game, even if there have admittedly been a few hiccups and red-zone interceptions along the way. Did anyone really think the Pats would be in this position before Rob Gronkowski’s return? If you answered “yes” you’re lying, and we’re all judging.

Going back to Mr. King’s original point – that there is no question Manning is having the better season so far – it’s difficult to totally disagree with him but it is acceptable to take issue with the attitude.

Tom Brady is not some scrub off the street. He may be throwing to a couple of them (no offense, undrafted free agents; you’re people too) but let’s no dismiss him entirely shall we? Let’s hypothesize how the, um, rigid Manning would be doing if he were slinging the pig skin to guys who were more likely to drop the rock than make a play with it (although Dobson and Thompkins have improved each week and we’re all very proud).

Fact is, both quarterbacks starts are impressive and notable for different reasons. There is probably not another quarterback in this league who would be leading an undefeated team right now with the offensive roster Brady is currently working with. He’s as talented as anyone because he can, and always has, adapted well to change. That’s part of what makes him impressive.

Manning may have the numbers. But Brady is making something out of almost nothing and that’s worth a whole heck of a lot.

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