The cost of fitness: at-home workouts economical way to get fit

Among articles about the best sports bras and how to be a badass, Fitness magazine had a write-up about “The Cost of Fitness.” The article featured ten women, the workouts they love, and the amount they spend on fitness.

There were extreme amounts, such as the $1000 per month spent by one woman on a CrossFit membership, classes, fees, and apparel and the $700 monthly budget of another woman for Pilates classes and a personal training. The majority of the women featured spent around $150-400 a month on fitness. For these women, the amount was justified by the benefits to their health and well-being. But, really? That’s the cost of fitness? Wow. I’ve been seriously underspending.

Only one woman in the article spent less than $100 a month on her fitness routine. The “DVD-iva” claimed to only spend $20 a month on classes. She uses a free gym offered by her work, plays with her kids, and does workout videos. That’s more like it–except my 20 bucks would be spent on one or two workout videos.

I’m not saying that I haven’t splurged on fitness from time to time. I’ve spent a chunk of change on SCUBA, tennis, golf, and home fitness gear. But, these weren’t ongoing costs.

People should not let their budgets dictate whether or not they workout. Money–or lack thereof– should not be a barrier between an individual and fitness. There are options for cheap or even free workouts. Even if someone has the money to burn, fitness DVDs are an option so money can be put toward tropical vacations or a down payment on a house.

Some of my recent favorite at-home workouts are:ace

ACE Hiit Series with Chris Freytag. At Collage Video, the two-disc set sells for under $25. On disc one, there are four thirty-minute, Tabata-style workouts focusing on the upper body, lower body, abs, and total body. The second disc has two ten-minute workouts for the abs and buns, as well as a 20-minute yoga routine. The workouts are intermediate or advanced levels, and Freytag does show modifications. The first time I did the upper body routine, there was not enough ice water in the entire house to cool me down. (Subsequent attempts have proved to be less challenging. Must have been the element of surprise on that first day.)

Shape 20-Minute Makeover. This DVD includes a 20-minute interval workout that can be done with or without added resistance (using a hand weight). There are also four 10-minute workouts focusing on cardio, upper body, lower body, and abs.

Jillian Michaels’ Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. This is a fifty-five minute workout, and it’s a tough one. There’s lots of kickboxing and plyometrics.

So, how much do you spend on fitness every month?

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  1. My husband and I spend $70 per month at the gym. We cancelled the gym membership. Now we use free fitnessblender videos, some Jillian Michaels DVDs e.g. 30 Day Shred ($8) and some at home exercises. Our expenses are lower than before.

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