The Cleveland Browns pull off a stunning win against the Minnesota Vikings

In a stunning turn of events, the Cleveland Browns beat the Vikings in Minnesota on Sunday. In what was one of the most tumultuous weeks in Cleveland in recent years, the Browns somehow gave us something to hope for; just when everyone was ready to throw in the towel, they go and win.

The Browns named the hometown kid, St. Ignatius grad, Brian Hoyer the starting QB, and then later that week, suddenly traded RB Trent Richardson. Everyone in Cleveland had mixed feelings about both events, and there was very little hope for a win on Sunday.

At the beginning of the week, Browns fans were all like this.

At the beginning of the week, Browns fans all felt like this.

But in all seriousness, the Browns looked and played like I have never seen them this year so far. It was pretty awesome. There was even a fake punt, resulting in a first down, AND a fake field goal, resulting in a TD in the SAME DRIVE! It was not only the playing that was impressive, but also the play-calling.  Someone must have taking his smart AND creative pills before the game started.

What I was really impressed with was the good use of TE Jordan Cameron, who had a total of 3 TDs, including the pass from our punter Spencer Lanning on the fake field goal. Cameron is going to be great as long as we keep using him the way a TE is supposed to be used. Also impressive was Brandon Hoyer; I know he’s 27 so only 2 years younger than Brandon Weeden, but he just looked younger and more energetic behind center. Also, and more importantly, he looked more comfortable running the Browns offense, even though he threw two interceptions.

Even Minnesota’s mega-RB Adrian Peterson couldn’t save the Vikings this time. Christian Ponder was sacked or knocked down countless times by the Browns defense, which is starting to look like a force to be reckoned with.

Then this happened and everyone smiled again.

Then this happened and everyone smiled again.

So to recap, brilliant play-calling, super awesome playing, and it was a game I actually enjoyed watching. I almost didn’t watch it for fear of breaking something in my apartment, but I did and am so glad I was able to witness that game, because otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it happened.

Next Sunday the Browns come back home to host the Cincinnati Bengals, who are just coming off a stunning win over (my second love) the Green Bay Packers. Lets hope the Browns of this past Sunday weren’t just a fluke.

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