The Cleveland Browns go on the road and lose to the Green Bay Packers

Another Sunday, another start by QB Brandon Weeden, and another Browns loss. Ahh yes, this is what despair feels like. I really love my Browns, but sometimes this all becomes too much to deal with.

This past week our former savior, QB Brian Hoyer underwent successful ACL surgery. As I sit here, getting all teary eyed listening to them replay Peyton Manning’s speech when he left the Broncos in 2012, I’m reminded what it’s like to have an emotion other than anger and frustration for a football player or team. Good thing the Sunday Night game did that, because the 4:25 Browns game certainly didn’t do that for me.

Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner takes a sip of "something" after a Brandon Weeden interception.

Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner takes a sip of “something” after a Brandon Weeden interception. This one picture sums up the feelings of Browns fans everywhere.

I was shuffling around my apartment when I realized it was 4:29 and the game started at 4:25. I turned on the T.V. and the Browns were already punting. I immediately said (as sarcastically as possible, to no one in particular) “Oh look, the Browns are punting. Already.” By 4:31 pm the Packers had scored. I haven’t worn my Browns gear for 5 weeks because for three weeks, I didn’t and we won. Call me superstitious. It’s fine. We need all the help we can get. Sunday’s final score was 13-31. A palindrome. How fun.

Let’s go over what we have learned this season so far. Brandon Weeden has started 6 games, and lost all 6. With Brian Hoyer we had three straight wins. Not much else changed in the personnel during that time except the QB changes, the loss of RB Trent Richardson (to the Colts), and the addition of veteran RB Willis McGahee. Barkevious Mingo stepped up and showed everyone that he was worthy of a first round draft pick. With two of their top receivers injured, the Packers showed that their rookie Eddie Lacy is starting a new trend in Green Bay: running the ball.

The Browns have a tough road game next Sunday against the only  undefeated team left in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m not sure what voodoo The Walrus, the Cool-Aid Man, AKA Andy Reid did, but the Chiefs are really impressive this season. I suppose it could be worse. We could have all the problems that the Buccaneers have (coach controversies, staph infections, QB’s being run out of the team etc).  And, we’re better than the New York Giants. Silver linings people, silver linings.

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