The Cleveland Browns get the win against the Baltimore Ravens

So, the Browns shocked everyone, most especially the Baltimore Ravens, when they won at home on Sunday. The best part is that QB Jason Campbell was named the AFC offensive player of the week!

Yeay! FINALLY some good news coming out of Cleveland! BUT, will it stay? Well we certainly hope so. Campbell performed well on Sunday, he went 23-35 passing fro 262 yards, with three TD’s and ZERO interceptions. The outstanding performance of Campbell and the rest of the team gave the Browns a 24-18 victory over the Ravens. This was the first time the Browns have beat the Ravens since 2007.

Jason Campbell was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Ravens.

Jason Campbell was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his performance against the Ravens.

Although the Ravens lost a lot of big name defensive players in the off-season, the Ravens still arrived in Cleveland with the number 1 defense in the Red Zone. That’s important because it shows the Browns offense that they can do well against a highly ranked defense. The loss last week to the Chiefs was a tough one, but I’m proud of how our guys held one and played their hearts out against arguably the best team in the NFL this year. The Ravens game was no different.


And just for kicks and giggles, NFL Memes gets it right. And once again, Joey Flacco is sad. Cleveland likes making Joey sad.

The game was not without some tense moments. During the first half, Campbell went down hard, and was slow to get up. He left the game for the rest of that series and Brandon Weeden had to come into the game, to a chorus of “boos.” I get it; Cleveland doesn’t like Weeden because he’s just not good in the NFL. It happens. A lot of other brilliant college QB’s just don’t pan out in the NFL. But go look at our depth at QB. We have two QB’s on the roster, Campbell and Weeden. We have Hoyer out for the rest of the season, and NONE on our practice squad. Coach Chudzinski had no choice but to play Weeden. The moral of this rant is the offensive line needs to do their job so Campbell doesn’t get hurt.

Week 10…. Ahhh yes the bye week is finally here. The players will get a break from Thursday through Sunday, then it’s back to work on Monday in preparation for a tough road game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Oh and in case you missed it… we beat one of the highest paid QB’s in the NFL; our defense made him look silly. And it was great

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