The Baseball Log

Credit: Cook and Son Bats' Blog

During our countdown to Spring Training, I briefly explored the option of scorekeeping during games. While this is still a great way to record games you’ve watched or attended, I recently came across another form of chronicling Mariners baseball: the Baseball Log.

Developed by avid Mariners fan Todd Cook, the Baseball Log is a hardcover book designed to accompany you through a lifetime of games. Instead of recording each out, run, or pitch, you record major moments and memories from the games you watch. However, the book goes even further than detailing individual games. It allows fans to track their favorite team’s wins and losses over their lifetime. For instance, my record with the Mariners is 1-2 over the last two seasons (I know, I need to get out more often!).

The Baseball Log also includes space to document the first time you watch a team play a home and away game, a log for Hall of Famers you’ve seen in person, and a “stadium passport” to jot down your first visit to each Major League stadium.

There are great moments in every baseball fan’s life: the first foul ball you catch, the first time you meet one of your favorite players, the first time you correctly predict the winner of the Hydro Race (I kid, I kid). There are a lot of good moments, too, fun games and entertaining players that slip through the cracks over the years. That’s why I love the idea of the Baseball Log—not only was it inspired by Mariners baseball, but it gives fans a way to preserve their own baseball history and pass on their love of the game.

To order your copy of the Baseball Log, stop by Cook and Son Bats’ Blog or check out Amazon and Bookstand Publishing.

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