The Awesome and Gah of NFL Week One

How about this first week of NFL football! It was everything we’d hope for and maybe just a little more… let’s discuss! I’ll be breaking it down into what was awesome and what was gah … err… BAD!

Victor Cruz salsa dances after scoring a TD

Victor Cruz salsa dances after scoring a TD


* Peyton Manning with seven touchdown passes in the Denver Broncos opening night match-up against defending Super Bowl Champs, the Baltimore Ravens. Manning did amid speculation all week that his arm was dead. Also, this is one year removed from the media declaring his career over after four neck surgeries and a dramatic separation between Manning and the team that drafted him, the Indianapolis Colts. I believe that was his nice, polite Southern gentleman way of saying  - SHUT UP!

* The seeming rejuvenation of San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers under new head coach Mike McCoy. It’s quite refreshing seeing him hit his targets and not look like his eyes are going to roll to the back of his head. Permanently! Rivers threw four touchdown passes, two of which he connected with Eddie Royal, in their loss to the Houston Texans 31-28. The Texans rallied from down 28-14 in the third quarter. Basically, this isn’t the same Chargers we’ve been used to, my friends. They look to be an exciting team to watch this season. … And just so you know, Rivers is still a little goofy. See?

* Honorable mentions of awesomeness: Victor Cruz’s three touchdown receptions; Colin Kaepernick picking up where he left off; Adrian Peterson is good all day and night!; and Anquan Boldin for making the Baltimore Ravens look crazy for trading him to make room for Joe Flacco’s crazy contract.


* Eli Manning and the New York Giants. Yeah, it’s not just the losing to Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. That’s awful. Despite throwing four touchdown passes, three of which were to Victor Cruz, Eli also threw three interceptions. Very un-Eli like.  But the offensive line wasn’t helpful. At all. The running game will get a boost soon with the addition of Brandon Jacobs.

* Nice to see Robert Griffin III back under center with the Washington Redskins. Not nice to see him so cautious and not confident. As a person who drafted him in fantasy football, I hope this was just first game back jitters and I’m glad I started Matt Ryan in his place!

* I can’t tell you which is worse … a week where we get Cris Collinsworth twice, then Jon Gruden and Chris Berman on ESPNs Monday Night Football doubleheader. At least Berman will go back back back to hosting after his play by play stint. That way I’ll just have to decide which is worse, Collinsworth or Gruden. Le sigh!

* Honorable Mentions of Gah: Clay Matthews late hit on Colin Kaepernick;  Joe Flacco; Jason Witten getting sick on the sideline; Tony Romo getting  sandwich hit to the ribs.

Week 2 looks to be awesome…. I hear we have  a Manning Bowl to look toward!

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