Teach Me How To Gio

I’m convinced that Raider Nation is in desperate need of some comic relief. This is bound to be the next hottest dance on the west coast and abroad! So teach me how to Gio, teach me teach me how to Gio…

Raiders S Matt Giordano playing dead in the end zone after being burnt for a TD in last Sunday’s game @ Ravens

Giordano again, only in October 2011 @ Houston Texans. As one of my Raiders fan followers said on Twitter, “just drop to the ground on the beat!”

If diving were a penalty in the NFL, Gio would be the #1 offender! Also, is anyone getting tired of seeing this week after week?!

BURNT. Photo: Exposay

BURNT. Photo: Exposay

BURNT. Photo: Harry How, Getty Images

I’m sorry to say it, but I truly believe that Matt Giordano’s days as an Oakland Raider are numbered.

2 thoughts on “Teach Me How To Gio

  1. oaklandraider says:

    LOL ! much needed comedy as you suggested !

    Cant think why they didnt keep Lee when they activated Bartell, and then start Lee at CB and shunt Huff back to FS, so that Gio could back him up …. too easy ? oh no .. I remember now, its because we needed to keep Adams for PR duties … sigh …

    PS see if you can find a shot of McClain chasing a RB .. hmm .. probably not without a wide angle lens

  2. Svea says:

    I agree when it comes to Pat Lee; we could have used him last weekend. As for McClain, his days as an Oakland Raiders are also numbered IMO; he got lucky at the trade deadline.

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