Sunday Morning Blitz: Television Dan Dierdorf needs to use the bathroom

(Screenshot via YouTube)

(Screenshot via YouTube)

It is another Sunday. It is in fact the last Sunday in October, which probably means we’ll see a lot of Halloween related stuff from the broadcasts.

As always, here is your NFL broadcast maps for this week, courtesy of If you need an injury report, check out Also, here is the mascot battle for this week eight. We have an additional Aerys post that involves the Saints and Facebook advertising.

Forbes has a guest post from Maury Brown, explaining why Baseball is better than football. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. I guess there is like 10 reasons and what not.

With the 49ers and the Jags playing in London, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made clear his thoughts on NFL teams in London, and well, Los Angeles.

Goodell also gave praise to the Jacksonville Jaguars organization, according to the Florida Times Union. In conclusion, DUUUUVAL!

Jon Gruden spoke somewhere in Ocala, Fla., and it sounds like he is interested in coaching again, according to the Ocala Star Banner. So yeah, I guess this means the Gruden to TEAM HERE rumors should be starting soon.

With Dallas and Detroit being one of the more interesting ball games on Sunday, the Dallas Morning News has a comparison story featuring Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant.

Meanwhile in Green Bay, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a story on the Packers doing some tough drills from training camp.

Colts wide receiver spent his weekend at his alma mater, Florida International, according to the Miami Herald. Sorry you had to see Ron Turner, though.

Finally, our commercial for this week is from Miller Lite and it features former NFL player and current CBS football analyst Dan Dierdorf.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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