Sunday Morning Blitz: Supposed championship game scheduled for today

Not Pictured: Noah Wyle

Not Pictured: Noah Wyle

Well, it’s the FINAL Sunday of the National Football League season. After this, people will be freaking out and complaining about no football for about five or six months. And they will complain. You’ll see them complaining at the mall and the local YMCA. You’ll hear them complaining in the grocery store. They’ll even be complaining next door. THAT’S RIGHT! YOUR NEIGHBORS HAVE COMPLAINTS.

That said, this big, important game is happening today. It’s the talk of the town.

People seem to like asking what time the game will start. It’s become a thing!

Want local team coverage? You can go here! Or you can go here.

Peyton Manning was crowned the most valuable player for the National Football League Saturday night. Congratulations to him. I wonder what he does with all the trophies…

Want to know about the newest class for the Pro Football Hall of Fame? You can go here. I hear a lot of people will be enshrined in this year’s class.

For those who are wondering about betting on the game, there is an article that covers all of the potential bets. I don’t care to gamble on games, but am aware that some people do. Just be careful! That said, I suggest you don’t do the Omaha bet. You should save your money and spend it on going to Omaha and visit the Henry Doorly Zoo. (NOTE: The NFL is unaware of this gambling thing and would prefer it that way.)

Looking for your commercial fix? I hear this site has a lot of the commercials.

That’s all! Enjoy your Sunday!

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