Sunday Morning Blitz: Roger Staubach has a question for you

"Here, take this!" (Screenshot via YouTube)

“Here, take this!” (Screenshot via YouTube)

It’s another week of NFL football. Hope you’re ready to have some fun.

As always, has the NFL broadcast maps for you. If you need an injury report, check out

The big story on Saturday night was about whether or not the Eagles and Bucs would play. Well, they will be playing. The concern was over staph infections that several members of the Bucs have been dealing with this year. Hopefully everything goes okay and nobody else will be infected.

One player who might not be in the game is Michael Vick, according to

In Orlando, the story is about residents being fans of teams that aren’t in the state of Florida. I guess the Orlando people don’t put much trust into Hayden Fox.

Tom Sorensen has thoughts on the leadership of Carolina quarterback Cam Newton.

Meanwhile, has a story on “alternative” ways to watch football games.

We do have a few Aerys promotional plugs for you guys. Make sure you check out the latest power rankings heading into this week’s games! We also have a story on the Ravens-Packers game. If that isn’t enough, we also have mascot battle.

In Kansas City, they’re trying for the loudest stadium record, according to If they really want to break a Guinness World Record, they should try largest stadium of sword jugglers. NOBODY can top that!

Finally, we close out this edition with a Roger Staubach commercial for ROLAIDS.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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