Sunday Morning Blitz: Find your nearest Dodge dealer with Randall Cunningham

It’s another week of the NFL. Get ready and get excited.

Broadcast schedules are here at Need an injury report, well has you covered.

No clue if the number works or not. (Screenshot via YouTube)

No clue if the number works or not. (Screenshot via YouTube)

One of the more talked about games for today will be the game in good ol’ London between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings. Well the NFL does its usual thing in trying to put on a good show for the London people, holding a block party, according to

It will be a different quarterback leading the Vikings in London though. Matt Cassel gets the start, taking the place of the injured Christian Ponder. I just hope Cassel has all the conversion rates down and what not. I hear they use the metric system.

If you want to know how the coverage for the NFL is across the pond. The Guardian has a pretty good preview of the game.

Of course, the main big story at least as of Saturday night was about the Manchester United loss.

With the baseball playoffs starting soon, there is a bit of a conundrum in Oakland. And no, I’m not talking about the sewage thing with the stadium. The Raiders will be playing next Sunday at home, but the only question is when, reports the San Jose Mercury News. It all depends on when the Oakland Athletics play on Saturday.

Finally, we close out this edition with a Dodge Caravan commercial featuring the one and only Randall Cunningham.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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