Sunday Morning Blitz: Bill Parcells is groovin’

Pass the Guacamole! (Screenshot via YouTube)

Pass the Guacamole! (Screenshot via YouTube)

It is Sunday, in fact, it is the first Sunday in August. Can you believe it? GET EXCITED BECAUSE WE’RE GETTING CLOSER TO FOOTBALL.

In a way, the new season unofficially started with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Ceremony Saturday night. You can find out more about the event at or at

Tonight, the first preseason football game takes place in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys will face off against the Miami Dolphins. The game will be on tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

One player to possibly keep an eye out for Sunday is quarterback Alex Tanney. Tanney, a player from Monmouth College, a Division III school in Illinois, is fighting for the third string spot on the Cowboys quarterback depth chart. And yes, he is fighting to be the back up to namesake and Neckbeard.

A big story related to Aaron Hernandez came up Saturday as his uncle reportedly died in a moped accident, according to WFSB. The accident, according to the news station, happened Saturday morning.

A very weird story happened at Buffalo’s training camp Saturday. Quarterback Kevin Kolb was nearly injured after he slipped on a wet rubber mat going to practice. However, EJ Manuel has impressed the Bills thus far in training camp. It will be interesting to see how this preseason goes and if Manuel can win the starting job outright. As for Kolb, he should probably be a wee bit more careful.

We do have a couple of running back related news and notes from the Vikings, courtesy of the Star Tribune.

At the Cleveland Browns training camp, the team got to spend some time with 5-year-old cancer patient Ryan Encinas. According to the Cleveland Plains Dealer, Encinas was able to take part in a scrimmage play and scored on a 50-yard touchdown run. It’s a good story, so give it a read!

Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press Gazette has a few news and notes on training camp with the Packers. There are some interesting notes on James Nixon and Jonathan Franklin.

At Bears camp, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune has the story on punter Tress Way, who is trying to compete with Adam Podlesh for the punter position on the team.

Finally, we have our NFL-related commercial for the week. Since the Hall of Fame ceremony took place yesterday, it seems fitting we choose one of the inductees. Today, we have Bill Parcells, presumably in Jets gear, since the jacket he is wearing is green, and Tostitos. Admit it, you guys totally want to eat chips with Bill Parcells.

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