Sunday Morning Blitz: Another Sunday

Here, have some waffles! (photo by Gudlyf on Flickr)

Here, have some waffles! (photo by Gudlyf on Flickr)

Happy Sunday…by this time next week, there will be lots of NFL Draft talk and stuff.

One of the big stories leading up to the draft is…the…well…quarterback class and how it isn’t…good? That’s at least according to a few NFL personnel people. Bob McGinn of the Milwaukke Journal Sentinel has the story on the quarterback class concerns.

One NFL draft feature we have comes from the Northwest Florida Daily News. They have the story on NFL Draft prospects Terren Jones and Akeem Spence. Both players went to high schools in the area.

On Saturday, a memorial service was held for late NFL broadcaster Pat Summerall. His former broadcast partner John Madden was among those in Plano, Texas for the service. Summerall passed away Tuesday at the age of 82. has the poll set up for the Top 100 players of 2013. You can vote here.

Over at Dawg Treats, they have the latest on the Jimmy Haslem saga. Jamie provides an overview of the case thus far.

The schedule was released Thursday night (why people were all excited about it, I really don’t know.) But we do have more schedule previews from The Purple Nest and Halftime Voodoo.

The Marco Eagle has a story on Damian Gregory, former Detroit Lions player, and his football skills camp that he runs for prep players.

Meanwhile, Deadspin has a story on Mike Greenberg as he enters the world of fiction book writing. Here is the website for the book…there will also be a Google Hangout later this week, I guess. I wonder if Greenberg consulted Mike Lupica about writing sports fiction.

Our shopping item for today comes from Denver Horse Force. Our esteemed writer Brenda happened to be perusing Target and found this great Peyton Manning figure on clearance.

That is all for this Sunday, enjoy your waffles.

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