Stephen Garcia Says He’s New And Improved

"I just pray for forgiveness," says Garcia, who's working out and training for the NFL in Tampa.

Three months after being dismissed from the Gamecocks football team, Stephen Garcia has given his first interview (watch it here). He spoke with the Bright House Sports Network and revealed that he’s now Stephen 2.0, who is taking full responsibility for his poor choices at USC and trying to become an NFL QB.

During the interview, he touched on his relationship with Coach Spurrier (“It’s alright…I’d love to see him again,”; Garcia congratulated Spurrier on this year’s success and his knee replacement, the HBC said Stephen could call any time), his new training regimen (working out frequently and with a quarterback coach), and that playing college football in Columbia is a lot different than playing high school football in Tampa (um, duh?).

Stephen acknowledged that many people probably don’t see him in a positive light, and that such a perception is deserved. It’s no secret that I’ve never really seen him in a very positive light myself, but I tried to watch this interview from an objective standpoint, because maybe Garcia really is a changed man. He’s given us that song and dance before, so I’m hesitant to believe him, but I don’t think he would have chosen to do the interview now if he hadn’t come to some sort of important realization. Did he have an epiphany of sorts? I hope so. Can he have another one, though? Because one thing Garcia still needs to change is his atrocious facial hair. Shave that mess, bro.

Stephen will get one more chance to show off his in-game skills before the draft: he’s participating in the Battle of Florida all-star game on January 21st. The game will be held in Boca Raton, on the campus of Florida Atlantic University. Garcia will play for the North team, coached by Bobby Bowden, against the South team, coached by Howard Schnellenberger.

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