Stephen Colbert asks Drew Brees a question we’ve all been thinking

Saints quarterback Drew Brees was on the Colbert Report on Thursday. Host Stephen Colbert asked Drew Brees a question that I’ve been thinking about since the Super Bowl line-up was set.

Who do you root for as a Saints fan?

Colbert asked:

Not to pick a wound here. Okay. But, the Saints lost to Seattle, okay. Now that’s why they’re there. Who are you pulling for? Are you pulling for Seattle because you want to have been beaten by the best? Or are you pulling for the Broncos because you want Seattle to share your pain? Or are you just going to watch golf all day Sunday?

Brees answered like the NFL darling that he is:

I’m definitely going to watch football because I’m a fan of the game, and I love these two quarterbacks. And to be honest with you, I would not bet against either of them…I could give you arguments for both sides. I think Peyton Manning’s career, number one, what  he’s accomplished is remarkable. What he did this year was unprecedented. What he’s overcome the last few years with his neck injury. And kind of his–you know–really starting fresh in Denver is really something you have to tip your hat to. I have so much respect for him as a player and what he’s brought to the game. Russell Wilson–I’m not sure there’s a guy in the first two years that has the success he has and has been able to handle it the way he has. He’s mature beyond his years. He’s a true pro. The more success that comes his way, the more humble he becomes. So, I really appreciate that approach, and I think that both of them certainly are ready for this moment.

Colbert dug a little deeper:

So who’s going to win?

Yeah Drew Brees wasn’t going to answer that:

(Laughing and sticking out his tongue. No answer.)


C’mon Drew. Grow a pair!

The entire interview can be seen on the Colbert Report website.

Drew Brees on Colbert

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