South Side Hits: Philip Humber Edition

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In case you were under a rock this weekend, great stuff happened in baseball. The media’s “favorite” teams had an interesting game on Saturday where one team blew a nine-run lead to lose by a final of something ridiculous.

Then, in Seattle, Philip Humber threw a perfect game. Let me repeat: A. PERFECT. GAME. It is always fun to see those guys who you think have absolutely ZERO chance to toss such a gem, but he did it. And it was amazing.

I am feeling rather fortunate to have witnessed some amazing White Sox stuff since 2005. A World Series win. A no-hitter where Mark Buehrle faced the minimum 27 batters since his one mistake he picked off base. Then a couple years later, a perfect game at the Cell. Finally, Saturday’s perfect game thrown by Philip Humber.

In honor of Philip, here are some links from over the past couple of days about his amazing game. If you play fantasy baseball, I wonder how many people had someone in their leagues IMMEDIATELY go pick up Philip off the waiver wire. I chose not to play this year (lack of time) but I do know he isn’t considered someone to have on your team for fantasy purposes because he’s not a power pitcher.

 A lot of people were saying “Philip, who”? after the no-hitter. Even the Sporting News has a headline along those lines.

 Go behind the scenes of Philip’s perfect day.

 Needle Ball has an account of being at the game and seeing Philip make history.

 South Side Sox has some ruminations on Philip’s game.

 Here is a nice article from the Seattle Times discussing how the Mariners fans were cheering him on.

 Justin Verlander was even asked about Philip’s game.

 Check out a pitch chart of all the pitches thrown by Philip in his game.

 Chuck Garfien tells us how Philip got here.

 There was some chatter that the check swing on the final pitch was a bad call. Here are some of JJ’s thoughts on that final pitch.

Have a great Monday and enjoy the perfect game by Humber as well as the Sox sweeping the Mariners over the weekend. 8-)

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