South Side Hits: December 5, 2011 White Sox Links

Happy Monday! Or at least as happy as a Monday can be when you may be more ready to get into the holiday spirit than work. This week (actually today), the Winter Meetings will take place / begin. There could be some stuff happening with the White Sox. We know they have plenty to work on and the Meetings are a time when wheeling and dealing will begin. While we wait for them to begin, here are a few stories to keep you occupied and in the know about Sox news.

 Minnie Minoso will find out today if he is getting a phone call regarding the Hall of Fame. I hope the committee got it right this time.

 Has Mark seen his last days at 35th & Shields? Maybe not.

 Beyond the Boxscore has more on the Traditional Manager Index. You may be surprised at who topped the list.

 What if Mark and John are gone next season?

 Look who wants back in baseball after disgracefully going away. 

 South Side Sox takes a look at the Swisher deal now that the books can be closed on it officially.

Enjoy Monday! Hopefully we get some interesting tidbits from the Winter Meetings or at the very least, some fun stuff to discuss.

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