South Side Hits: December 2, 2011 White Sox Links

Happy Friday! The best day of the week. Well, there are other days that are probably better, but Friday means the work week is typically over. And that once the work day is over, most of us are free to relax for the evening as well as enjoy the weekend. Hopefully this week post-Turkey Day has been relatively easy for you. Though if you are having trouble focusing at work, I completely understand. Seems after a long holiday weekend and another coming up soon, it is just too hard to focus on work.

In any event, here are a few stories you might have missed in the past couple of days. Let’s hope that reading these will make the day go by quickly.

 Robin Ventura is giving Big Donkey some space this off season. I hope Big Donkey is getting his mind right for the upcoming season.

 Dave Schoenfield lists three things each AL Central team needs to do for the 2012 season.

 Remember the story about the sweetheart deal the Sox have with the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority? Well, turns out that taxpayers have been footing additional bills for the Cell as well as Soldier Field. The Mayor is not pleased by this development. 

 Robin is bracing to lose some key guys on the Sox. He will hopefully know better what will happen after the Winter Meetings next week.

 SoxFest 2012 is coming up. Here are some of the guys who are scheduled to appear there. For now, anyway.

 A White Sox Organization flowchart.

Enjoy Friday and the upcoming weekend. Next week should start to get interesting on the Hot Stove.

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