Who Is That Player???

I love nicknames. In fact, if I could do an entire lineup using nicknames for everyone, it would make my day.

In any event, if you are new to the White Sox or just don’t know who I might be referring to, here is your guide to the names I utilize of players with the team now, either on the big club or in the minors.

The Cuban Missile = Alexei Ramirez

The King (used often) or The Captain (rarely used) = Paul Konerko. He is the captain of the team. And a King in my and a lot of other fans’ world.

Big Donkey = Adam Dunn. Hawk Harrelson is also calling him Canyonero as well. I doubt I will use it, but if you see it, you will know who it refers to. Big Donkey has been a nickname for Dunn for a few years already.

Bacon = Gordon Beckham. This nickname came about due to mispronounciation of his last name by Ozzie. It’s stuck and I find it funny. I *might* also refer to him as “Cougar Hunter” because one of his walk up songs is Your Love by The Outfield. That name was also a collaboration between me and some of my seat pals at the ballpark.

The Cuban Tank = Dayan Viciedo. He isn’t with the big club yet, but like Ramirez, he is Cuban. He is also a big boy. Hopefully he can make his way to the Show soon.

Lilli, Thrillibridge, L’il Bridge = Brent Lillibridge. Not creative and not officially his nickname. Sometimes I get lazy and don’t want to spell out Lillibridge. If you have seen some of his spectacular catches this season, then Thrillibridge will make sense. As for L’il Bridge, well, he is a “small” guy (compared to other MLB players at 5’11″)

Dirt Bag = Jake Peavy. During the 2010 season when Jake was talking about the attitude the team needed and what they would need to do to be competitive, he was talking about the team as being grindy and a bunch of dirt bags. Now I call him a dirt bag since he said that was what the team was – a bunch of dirt bags.

The Cuban Tank = Dayan Viciedo. Look at the man! Not to mention, when he hits the ball, it just looks so hurt when it goes a long way.

Mr. Consistently Inconsistent = Gavin Floyd. If there is one thing we can count on with Gavin, it is that he is good one minute then horrible the next. Hence the name I’ve given him. Sometimes, he gets called a Space Cadet or that he is on Planet Gavin because he at times will have a look in his eye that he is just not in the present moment and off somewhere that no one knows about. In any event, I’d love to stop calling him Consistently Inconsistent, but his play never lets me.

O-Dog = Orlando Hudson. He’s always had this name.

As more players get regularly used nicknames, I will be sure to update so you know who I am talking about.

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