About SSHG

Welcome to South Side Hit Girl, where you can get all things about the White Sox. I try to be funny, informative and at the very least, make you think about your views on the team. I won’t try to persuade you to believe what I say is gospel, but I do want you think about your views as well as mine. On occasion there will be guests who write here as well and rest assured they will be knowledgeable about the team because the SSHG is just that — knowledgeable (most likely knowing more than you thought could be known about the White Sox and the game).

I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life and White Sox fan for more years than I can remember. (I grew up watching and learning the game from a grandmother who is a cubs fan and fortunately her taste in favorite team didn’t rub off on me). At times you may find my love of pitching and defense too old skool, but if I ever go off on a tangent about it, I will be sure to justify my conclusions. Hope you enjoy the ride that is South Side Hit Girl.

*Note: all photos appearing on south side hit girl belong to those who write here unless otherwise noted. if you use our work, please give credit where credit is due.

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