Sooners’ Trey Metoyer in a bad, bad situation

This news, by all accounts, is absolutely disturbing. So if you haven’t heard yet, prepare yourself. Those of you paying treymetoyerattention, you may have wondered what the deal with Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Trey Metoyer was. He only has two catches for 18-yards and a touchdown on the season. This may explain the lack of Metoyer this season.

He has been charged with two felony counts of lewd exposure; one in August and another in September according to a report on Some of the staff had previously mentioned that he (Metoyer) has been dealing with personal issues and taking care of it.

Reading through the report it sounds like Metoyer may have more than a whipping it out in public problem:

First incident -

The victim advised she was on a balcony smoking a cigarette when she observed the black male driving through the parking lot in a red Grand Am. The black male backed up and pulled into a parking spot. The victim noticed a short time later that the black male had his (genitals) exposed while sitting in the car (performing a lewd act).

Second incident -

It was learned that the victim was walking her dog when she was approached by a black male who asked her if he could borrow a pen. The victim went into her apartment to get an ink pen and when she came back outside, the black male was (performing a lewd act) in front of her apartment. The black male then asked the victim if she would want the pen back.

YIKES – I told you that if you hadn’t heard about this yet, it’s a WTF situation. Head coach Bob Stoops issued a statement late last night saying that Metoyer had not been with the team since the TCU game and does not see a return in the future.

I am  by no means a doctor but with the multiple occurrences, it almost looks and sounds like he has some mental things to work through. With that said, I hope he gets the help that he needs. Sad situation all around.

Pretty sure we wont see him wearing the crimson and cream ever again.


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